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Welcome to the Wage Information System Online (WISO). WISO aims to provide workers, employers, unions, companies, work seekers, policy makers and the broader public with an accurate guide to wages and salaries in South Africa.

Taking into consideration the changing nature of the labour market, new forms of formal and informal work, and the wage gap that exists in many sectors, WISO plan to stimulate social dialogue on wages and conditions of employment.


WISO combines wage information from a range of different sources in South Africa including unions, private companies, research organisations, bargaining councils, department of labour and Statistics South Africa.

database iconA special Database has been created for WISO which can accommodate information from a range of information sources and allows the public to view wages for industries, occupations and provinces. The data is still sparse but as the WISO partnership grows so will the data. Click here to find out more about the database and click the database icon to start using it.


This is the first attempt to collect wage and salary information from different sources in South Africa over time.


Click here to view the WISO System Overview.